Born on March 18, 1942 at Neufchâtel in the department of Pas-de-Calais, the daughter of Pierre Stenne, sculptor, Marie-Josèphe Stenne has been wrapped since her earliest youth in an artistic atmosphere.
She studied both singing at the conservatory and sculpture at the Fine Arts School in Lille while steadily taking part in the making of her father's great works of art such as the statue of Napoleon on the Great Army Column at Boulogne sur Mer, which gave her sound experience.
Marie-Josèphe Stenne then devoted seven years to art restoration and eight years to arts and craft for the P.A.A.S in Paris.
Since 1989 she has been teaching the technique of modelling. After working various materials, she has been turning to terracotta for some years, a technique which allows her to merge the four basic elements of life : earth, water, air and fire.
Sensitivity and harmony are characteristic of her works, as well as hyperrealism in the interpretation of her busts. Enamel and raku are also her favourite likings.

"A shape seeks to be born, hesitates, aserts itself, yields to doubt, recovers, alters, develops a structure..."                                                                     Bram Van Velde (1895-1981)